Why Choose Yoga?

Pregnancy Yoga
  • Emotionally create space for your new arrival

  • Physically create more space for your growing baby

  • Prepare your whole body, particularly your spine, for the changes of pregnancy

  • Develop a greater awareness of your pelvic muscles and birthing muscles

  • Relax more effectively

  • Strengthen your body so that you can carry your growing baby with energy

  • Regular yoga practice is an opportunity to 'check-in' with yourself and your baby. It can be very comforting during this time of change

  • Get to know other expectant mothers in your local area

  • In the later stages of pregnancy, actively support your baby to move into the optimal position for birth

  • Gain the skills to remain centred during the birth experience, however it develops.

Birth Preparation Class
  • Spend quality time with your birthing partner, before your baby arrives

  • Learn practical ways to work together through the challenges that you will face during the birth experience

  • Learn breathing techniques that will help to conserve energy and release tension during the birth

  • Practise visualization techniques to bring positivity

  • Each birth is different and there are no guarantees, however, It is recognized that certain positions, movements and breathing techniques can reduce pain and help you to feel more in control during the birth experience; you will learn a variety of these

Postnatal Yoga (Mother and Baby)
  • Recover your body, mind and emotions in a way that is tailored for new mothers

  • The continuity of a regular practice can provide a beacon of light for parents and babies as they enter uncharted territory

  • Baby yoga promotes better sleep

  • Baby yoga can aid with digestive problems and colic

  • The baby's nervous system is stimulated

  • Positive interaction between mother and baby lays the foundation for a trusting relationship

  • Non-verbal communication can be enhanced during relaxation for mother and baby 


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